NEW 2024!  MINFIE-Web service is now available.

No need to download any apps! Access the service via QR-code, NFC-tag or just use text link.

If you prefer the MINFIE application using BlueTooth below is information related to it.

When you open the MINFIE application it starts automatically to search the available messages at that location.

If there are available messages, the found MINFIE messages will appear into the screen in a couple of seconds.

Short Tutorial video to the main features.

You can save 20 MINFIE messages for free. If you want to save more please buy the in-app feature to enable to do that.

By touching the message you can take action immediately or save the message into your phone for later use. Below an example of a saved Donation message “YHTEISVASTUU” and mobile donation options available for that charity organization. User chooses the preferred donation method and amount – no need to write anything.

There are several donation or payment options supported – SMS, Phone call, Mobilepay, Siirto, Pivo or Paypal.

You can create your own Minfie messages.

3 Minfies are free. It is also possible to Edit the existing Minfies. Below an example of a DONATION message which has first the normal INFO fields and then first amount option available for the MobilePay. With the + button one is able to add more donation options.

If you want more than 3 you can buy the in-app feature from Google Play shop.