My name is MINFIE !

MINFIE - Finland Flag

In your mobile device I look like this:

MINFIE Main Found 2


You can start searching the nearby MINFIE messages by touching the “Find” button.

If there are available messages the found MINFIE messages will appear into the screen in a couple of seconds.


By touching the message you can take action – e.g. save the message into your phone for later use to visit the advertized internet address.

You can save 2 MINFIE messages for free. If you want to save more buy the in-app feature to enable to do that.

MINFIE Action SaveYou can create your own MINFIE messages by using the “Send” feature.

Just fill in the fields and SAVE.

Publish and share your MINFIE message with people within 10-15 meters / 30-50 feet from your mobile device.


2 MINFIEs are free. It is also possible to Edit the existing MINFIEs.

If you want more you can buy the in-app feature from Google Play shop.